A nurse standing and smiling as the winner of the international DAISY Award

The DAISY Award

Nurses go above and beyond to offer compassion and excellent clinical care to patients and their families. Through the DAISY Foundation, patients, families and coworkers can honor nurses’ dedication by nominating them for their outstanding service.

Recipients will be honored at a celebration with their peers, leadership, friends and family. They’ll be recognized with a certificate, a hand-carved Healer’s Touch sculpture and several other mementos.

Award details:

  • A certificate held in a DAISY portfolio
  • A DAISY Award pin to wear on an ID badge
  • A unique, hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe entitled “A Healer’s Touch”
  • A spotlight on our website with the nurse’s
photo and story

Submissions are always welcome – when you nominate your nurse, they’ll be considered in the
next round of awards.

Must be a licensed nurse (including LPN/LVNs)
Nominees are nurses who live up to Fusion’s core purpose of “improving the lives of everyone they touch” by not only providing great clinical skill and leadership but also showing exemplary patient care and compassion.