Nate Blessen serves as Fusion’s Chief Commercial Officer, leading overall strategy for sales and investigating all revenue opportunities across the company. He has been in this role since April 2023, and has led business strategy, growth, and external relationships with clients, healthcare facilities, and service providers in that time. This interview explains Blessen’s expertise and how he approaches his position to ensure that Fusion is carrying out its core purpose of improving the lives of everyone we touch.  

How does your team help support facilities that need additional healthcare professionals? 

I lead several teams here, including our Fusion Medical Staffing sales recruiters who are directly working with our healthcare travelers and our client managers who work with the facilities to fill open positions across the nation. Those recruiters and client managers do the leg work – they're some of the most talented individuals I’ve worked with. I help advise here and there on overall strategy, but they are the ones connecting with our travelers and ensuring we are serving facilities in the most impactful way. We have the same goal as the facilities we support: quality patient care. This means when they have a need for qualified clinicians, we are there and ready to help them fill those positions.  

You have some experience working in healthcare. What was that like?  

I previously served as the Senior Executive Director of Cardiovascular Care, Orthopedics, and Sports Medicine at Sanford Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’ve also sold healthcare equipment and served in other leadership positions.  

It has always been an ambition of mine to make a significant impact on how healthcare is delivered. My past positions have allowed me to create phenomenal connections in the industry, and they gave me perspective to understand what hospitals are feeling. I’ve been able to use that perspective to figure out how Fusion can meet those hospitals where they are and truly support them.  

How does your experience in healthcare help you and your teams serve healthcare professionals and facilities in the most helpful and efficient ways?  

Experience allows for the opportunity to have a strong sense of what is going on in different sectors of the healthcare industry and having that inside knowledge on what could be going on in those different areas helps our teams better strategize how to fill in the gaps. I also understand how to lead our recruiters and client managers to set themselves apart from others in our industry. My hope is that they gain more perspective because of my experience and the career history of other leaders at Fusion.  

What is your hope for the future of Fusion and the healthcare space the company operates in?  

The goal is to innovate and improve the industry in any way we can. That means doing things differently than our competitors – all in service to our patients, facilities, and travelers – so we can continue to grow and carry out our core purpose which is to ensure everyone we touch has a better life. Fusion’s leadership has unique and diverse perspectives that empower us to make decisions that can truly make a difference, and I’m humbled to be part of this team all working together to improve patient care, support healthcare travelers in their careers, and provide relief to facilities across America needing additional staff.  


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