Now in his second year of inspiring Fusion’s recruiters, Brian McCulloch uses his position as vice president of sales to empower his teams to support healthcare professionals across the country. Brian explains the need for traveling healthcare professionals and how he leads his teams to Refresh Healthcare in this interview.  

Can you describe your position and what your teams do? 

I get the opportunity to lead Fusion’s fantastic sales team, which consists of several divisions of healthcare recruiters. We place travelers into healthcare facilities across the United States to help them with their staffing needs.  

Why are healthcare recruiters needed in the healthcare industry?  

At this point in time, many hospitals and healthcare facilities are struggling with their permanent staffing situation. They lack permanent nurses, CNAs, therapists, radiologists, and other healthcare professionals within their facilities – and that’s where we come in. Because we work with healthcare professionals who are willing to travel across the nation, Fusion is a solution for facilities to make sure that they can continue to run and operate as effectively as possible.  

How are your teams impacting the care of patients? 

By supporting these facilities, we are also caring for the patients in those facilities. We want them to have a good experience when they need healthcare.  A piece of impacting patient care is making sure our healthcare travelers are set up and ready to go. We make sure they have the right credentials so when they get to the facility, they’re ready to provide care immediately.  

What are some of your big priorities at Fusion? 

The biggest project I am always working on is providing a good experience for our recruiters. We want to have a great culture here at Fusion, which we have succeeded in, but that work is always ongoing. Part of making sure we have a strong culture is making sure we are doing good work and have jobs that our recruiters can place travelers in. On the flip side, we also have to make sure we have travelers to fill those jobs, so it's really balancing those two factors all the time.  

Another priority I have this year is getting data and information in front of our managers and recruiters to make them more effective and efficient in how they operate daily. 

Fusion is on a mission to Refresh Healthcare. What does Refresh Healthcare mean to you? 

When I think of Refresh Healthcare, I think of the aging generation that will need more healthcare. We have to look at things differently around patient outcomes and how we're going to serve our aging population moving forward. Fusion has an opportunity to have a huge impact on that. We have a lot of healthcare professionals leaving the industry, so Fusion works with facilities to provide them with travelers to support their facility. If we can do that in a quality and consistent way, we know that will impact the outcome of the patient, ensuring they have a good experience at the facility. 

What did you do before you joined Fusion? How did that prepare you for your role here?  

Before I joined Fusion, I worked at Home Instead Senior Care as their Vice President of Business Performance. Similar to how we operate here at Fusion, at the end of the day, it’s about patient outcomes and allowing seniors to remain in their home. That helped me have the instinct to care about patient outcomes above anything else.  

What is your favorite part of being on the Fusion team? 

My favorite thing about coming to work at Fusion is really the people. There are no egos here. Everyone has the same common goal, so it's great to walk through that front door every single day and people are very welcoming. The fact that we all work together, and we have great teammates to make sure that we put our travelers in a really good position while being a resource for facilities across the US is exciting. 

What is your leadership philosophy when you are leading the recruiters at Fusion? 

I really consider myself a servant leader. I enjoy working with people at all levels, and when we work on something and we get the result that we want, it just really excites me.
There's nothing that pleases me more than seeing someone else have success on our sales team. I’ve seen a new recruiter come in, and all of a sudden you’ll start to see the momentum build and the excitement in their eyes, and they're like, “Wow, I'm really excited that I joined Fusion.” That gets me giddy because I know the work our directors, managers, and training teams put in to make these people successful. It’s awesome to see them succeed in their positions.   


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