Vice President of Customer Experience Dan DeVeney has been a catalyst of change at Fusion since January 2023. In that time, he has worked on technological innovations for the industry and provided a vision for the company to achieve its goal of refreshing healthcare. His newest priority is improving the experiences of all Fusion’s customers, including travel healthcare professionals, healthcare facilities across the country, and other agencies the company partners with. This interview explains why there’s such a need for increased attention to customer experiences.  

Can you describe what you do as the leader of Fusion’s customer experience team? 

My team’s responsibility is to enhance the customer experience for our travelers, our clients and our agency partners. We want to transform the healthcare staffing journey through exceptional customer service with deep empathy for our customers and an instinct for innovation while ensuring our team members have the skill sets to deliver great customer experience every day. 

What are you and the rest of the customer experience team focused on? 

We’re focused on three things right now: listening, service recovery and additional support for our travelers. Listening is our number one priority. We want to gather as much feedback as we can from our travelers because their feedback gives us insight into what they need.  

Service recovery is another priority because although we strive to deliver great customer experience 100% of the time, we’ve realized that just isn’t possible. We need to create an environment where we can quickly recognize a service failure and empower everyone in our organization to address it and make the situation right for our travelers.  

Our final priority is solving the macro issues we’re hearing from our travelers regarding support. They’re telling us they don’t feel supported when they’re alone in a new city, in a facility they’ve never worked in, so we want to figure out how we can address and solve that while making sure each of our travelers feels valued and recognized. 

This is a new team at Fusion. How did Fusion’s leadership team identify this need? 

We conduct our own research and pay attention to a lot of industry surveys, and we're hearing from travelers that they don't feel supported, recognized or valued. They feel like they're just a number. 

It’s in Fusion’s DNA to build great relationships and provide exceptional customer service, so we just needed to go back to our roots. Everybody scrambled during the pandemic to just keep up with the amount of opportunity and need in the industry, but now we're at a point where we can go back to our roots and ask how we can differentiate and how we can be different. We can do that by really providing a great customer experience and ensuring that everyone we touch has a better life. 

How are your and your teams’ efforts helping support healthcare professionals? 

It’s simple to me. We all share the same goal. Whether you're a clinician, a facility or a healthcare staffing agency, we're all trying to provide great care for patients and their families and ultimately improve the lives of everyone we touch. If we can provide a great customer experience and foster a positive healthy environment, then we can free up all our clinicians and facilities to really deliver on that mission. 

What does Fusion’s tagline, Refresh Healthcare, mean to you? 

Refresh healthcare really means two things to me. First, it means prioritizing the unique needs of our clients and our travelers so that we can improve the quality of patient care and wellbeing of their families and communities.  

The other thing that it means to me is that we really have to think differently about healthcare while recognizing and honoring the journey that got us here. We all bring unique perspectives and experience from our careers and from different industries, and so we have to ask ourselves how to use that experience to find solutions in healthcare. 

Speaking of experience from previous roles, what did you do before joining the Fusion team? 

I'm a husband of 20 years and a proud father of two wonderful daughters, which means I’m really good at listening. But in all seriousness, I spent 20 years in e-commerce and retail, and I'll tell you the ups and downs of healthcare post COVID-19 and this course correction in our industry right now is nothing compared to the ups and downs in the retail business; it's cutthroat. I've really learned how to handle that and prepare for this because of the uncertainty in that industry. 

I've realized you can create a lot of unique and attention-grabbing features and products to get new customers, but it ultimately comes down to how well you treat them and the experience you provide that retains those new customers, so they become loyal customers in the long term. 

How does your previous work experience help you in leading Fusion? 

I just come with a unique perspective. I'm not tied to the history of decisions and the way that we've always done things in healthcare staffing. As I learn and dig into this industry and the details and nuances, I just continue to ask why. Why do we do it that way? Could we do it differently? I think looking at it from a slightly different angle and perspective opens new opportunities and new ways for us to drive better experiences with our travelers. 

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