Game Balls are a long-standing Fusion tradition meant to honor employees who go above and beyond, make an impact, and live out our core values of being humble, driven and positive. Everyone in the company has an opportunity to nominate one of their teammates, and those nominations are voted on by Fusion’s leadership team. A total of 16 Fusion team members were given a Game Ball at the quarter four town hall in January. 

Individual Game Balls 

Deb Schleusener, Senior Compliance Specialist 

Whether it's Angels Among Us, QLI, Stephen Center, or JDRF, Deb is always the first to raise her hand to help. She is passionate about multiple causes, going as far as launching the Green Initiative Group at Fusion. She has cultivated a team to educate people on conserving energy, shifting to renewable energy and reducing waste. Deb is actively working to make her workplace, her community and the whole planet a better place.  

Alexis Crowther, Compliance Specialist 

The people around Alexis say it has been amazing watching her seize every opportunity to make a difference within our community. She continuously invites those around her to join in and speaks graciously on how positive volunteering has been for her. Not only does Alexis take those moments to help our community, but she also recruits help from other divisions. She has and continues to be an advocate for the community Fusion does, and she is truly making a difference. Kindness matters and Alexis Crowther is a star example of spreading kindness throughout our community. 

Tyler Ely, Strength Center Manager 

When you think of people who have the Fusion core values of being humble, driven and positive written all over them – Tyler is at the top of the list. He was instrumental in our Fusion move this fall, in creating a top–of–the–line employee experience every day, and the way he invests in and motivates everyone that enters his space – he is world–class in every regard. He’s got a goal to put his clients through more than 10,000 workouts in 2024 – and he is well on his way to achieving just that.  

Courtney Kurth, Senior Operations Specialist 

Courtney consistently demonstrates exceptional problem-solving skills and has a remarkable ability to collaborate across teams to achieve monumental goals. She not only leads her team with excellence and humility, but she sets a shining example for all with her unwavering commitment. Courtney’s relentless pursuit of knowledge and unselfish support for Fusion make her truly deserving of this recognition.  

Chelsea Harrison, Senior Vendor Submission Specialist 

Chelsea’s team was asked to describe her in a few words, and they delivered. Some words provided include, humble, driven, positive, phenomenal attitude, team-oriented, present, invaluable, and kind. She covers three divisions and volunteers to cover more on short notice, and some of  Fusion’s teams simply wouldn’t operate as well or efficiently if it weren’t for her.  

Evan Krist, Recruiter – Team Lead 

A huge part of what makes his team as driven and fun as they are, Evan shows up everyday ready to put the work in. He is always volunteering to help with any projects outside of his division, runs weekly shout outs to team members because he believes in strong relationships and showing appreciation with the people that support us, and he is a natural leader is always ready to support the teams around him.  

Gus Kohtz, Technical Lead  

Gus received a call from his boss one day in Q4 asking him to drop everything and fix a major problem as soon as possible. He had no experience working with the specific tool that needed to be fixed, but Gus found the solution to the problem, and that solution ended up optimizing a major piece of Fusion’s day to day. Anyone who has worked with him knows he sees solutions like this only as serving where needed and he models our core values of humble, driven, positive even when under incredible pressure, quietly setting expectations for us all.  Gus brings innovation and ingenuity to drive business solutions, always keeping the larger picture in mind as we grow into our best version of ourselves.   

Becki Johnson, Account Manager – Team Lead 

Described as hard-working, efficient, admirable, Becki is a team lead who doesn’t just wear the title, she lives it.  She sees the bigger picture and buys in when it comes to big change.  She’s not afraid to challenge the room when she has a differing opinion, all with positive intent of course. She is the first to answer questions and offer guidance when the opportunity arises, and Fusion wouldn’t be the same without Becki.  

Dan Filbey, Senior Software Developer 

Tasked with a major project during a change in one of Fusion’s business units, Dan executed a shift in technology so seamlessly that no one at Fusion noticed, which is the sign of an ultimate win for a software developer. He took on this awesome and intimidating undertaking and the team recognized this was a moment where they needed to, “get out of Filbey’s way and let him do his thing.” Dan is the epitome of humility, positive even when frustrated, and driven to provide the best solutions for Fusion so that we can hit the ground running on future projects.  

Kyla Krumwiede, Junior Project Manager 

In Q4, Kyla took the lead on a project with a tight deadline and absolutely knocked it out of the park. She led her team in a way that ensured everyone was held accountable to make it happen. Her attention to detail, tracking, and reporting has ensured that everyone is on the same page and moving forward. Known as a great communicator, cheerleader and pleasure to talk to and be around, Kyla has challenged and grown considerably this past quarter. The results speak for themselves.    

Kim Bredfeldt, Coverage Specialist  

Kim is absolutely an essential part of her team. Her role is to cover for our recruiters when they are out of the office, whether on maternity leave or vacation, and she goes above and beyond every day by treating these travelers like they are her own. She is always willing to help and is someone that her team counts on every day, always going the extra mile. Fusion and her team appreciate her more than she knows. 

Daniel Keller, Email Marketing Specialist 

In nearly one year in his role, Daniel has contributed to nearly a million emails. It would be easy to use standard templates and hit send, but personalization and familiarity are important to him. His creativity and commitment to hard work make him indispensable to our team, and those around him speak highly of his communication skills, willingness to collaborate, and creativity. 

Power Squad 

Workday HRIS Team: Rachelle Benson, Drew Kozisek, Sarah Hilton and Josie Rea 

The Workday HRIS implementation was an 18-month project and investment into Fusion's strategic vision for the future. This project was a true collaboration between team members across the company, but Rachelle, Drew, Sarah and Josie kept everyone organized and ensured the project landed smoothly. This team had an intense push in the fourth quarter, working overtime to solve issues, validate complex data, and work through high volumes of challenging integrations. This team was the definition of what a Power Squad should be; they were united, resilient, and solutions focused.     

Congratulations to all of the quarter four game ball winners! Click here to see last quarter's winners.

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