Omaha healthcare company Fusion was recognized last week for the company’s excellent communication to their internal employees during the move to a new headquarters in 2023. Fusion was awarded an AMA Omaha Pinnacle Award, earning a silver citation of excellence in the Communications – Large Business category. 

Fusion’s move created the need for a solid communication plan that informed employees of the logistics while also fostering excitement for the change. The plan needed to simultaneously relieve employees of any stress that may occur with such a large change. 

“This communication plan was a team effort from individuals all across the company, said Calli Hite, Vice President of Communications and Public Relations. More than 600 of our team members were settled and ready to enjoy our new space because of the clear and concise communication from the people involved in this effort.” 

In addition to effectively communicating the logistics of the move with the entire workforce, the team in charge of this effort coordinated opportunities for employee involvement and scheduled celebrations once the move was complete, including breakfast, lunch and social hours held on both scheduled move-in days. This strong communication led to a frictionless move, and gave employees avenues to celebrate their new workspace.  

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Fusion is an Omaha-based healthcare company that exists to create meaningful connections between healthcare travelers and facilities that lead to better patient care and better outcomes for all. The company consists of two business units: Fusion Medical Staffing and Fusion Workforce Solutions, which simplify processes for healthcare travelers and facilities at every turn. Fusion employees strive to stay humble, driven, and positive. 


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