Fusion announced this week the appointment of Jenna Berg to Chief Operating Officer, elevating her impact and ability to support employees, healthcare travelers and clients with her leadership, vision and tenacity for continuous improvement. Since joining Fusion in 2022, Berg has successfully increased efficiency throughout the organization while leading a team committed to protecting the company and its people. 

In addition to continuing to lead Fusion’s legal team, in her role as Chief Operating Officer, Berg will help lead the company’s daily business operations and objectives while being a key member of a newly crafted team focused on driving Fusion’s sales strategy.  

“This promotion reflects Jenna’s strong leadership and guidance during an unpredictable period in the healthcare industry,” said Corey Watton, President and CEO. “Fusion’s employees, healthcare travelers and facility partners will benefit from having Jenna in this crucial role because of her strong skills in advocating for the people and structures that are caring for patients across the country.” 

Berg previously served as Fusion’s Vice President and General Counsel leading companywide legal and risk strategy, and she has a variety of knowledge that provides her with a broad perspective on numerous areas of law. 

Learn more about Fusion and its mission to improve the lives of everyone the company touches at workwithfusion.com/our-company/.    

About Fusion:    

Fusion is an Omaha-based healthcare company that exists to create meaningful connections between healthcare travelers and facilities that lead to better patient care and better outcomes for all. The company consists of two business units: Fusion Medical Staffing and Fusion Workforce Solutions, which simplify processes for healthcare travelers and facilities at every turn. Fusion employees strive to stay humble, driven, and positive.


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