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When we think of "front-line professions," our minds often gravitate toward the dedicated nurses and medical staff working tirelessly to ensure our health and well-being. These individuals stand as pillars of resilience, commitment, and care. In much the same spirit, educators hold the frontline for our communities. Teachers are there to greet every student each day, address their most critical needs all week, and support their learning in the long run. It’s no small task!

That’s why we were so excited that Fusion is coming together with Westside Community Schools Foundation to celebrate teachers together! This collaboration underscores the company’s commitment not just to medical professionals but also to the educators who play a pivotal role in our communities.

Celebrating outstanding teachers every month

To celebrate and recognize the extraordinary work of educators, Fusion and the Westside Community Schools Foundation partnered up to sponsor Alpaca’s teacher Celebration Packs every month for every elementary school in Westside Community Schools.

Alpaca’s unique take on teacher recognition provides monthly themed packs that include teacher appreciation items, useful supplies for the classroom, and handwritten thank you notes from the community in every pack! Each school receives five packs each month to reward and recognize the teachers who make a difference each month!

These packs are a gesture of appreciation, acknowledging the relentless efforts and dedication of teachers who go above and beyond in their role.

“Fusion’s core purpose is to improve the lives of everyone we touch, and that includes the teachers in our community that are working to empower the youth of the Greater Omaha Area,” said Jill Adkins, Community Engagement Manager at Fusion. “Our decision to partner with Alpaca was an easy one because just like the nurses we staff, teachers are unsung heroes who deserve daily recognition for their dedication.”

When businesses and schools come together, teachers win.

The partnership between Fusion and Westside Community Schools Foundation is a powerful example of our business and school communities coming together to support educators. Both institutions believe in the power of recognition and the profound impact it can have on morale and motivation.

Erika Conces, Vice President of Community Relations at the Westside Community Schools Foundation, expressed, "This partnership signifies the mutual respect and admiration that exists between front-line professions. We're thrilled to have Fusion on board, acknowledging and celebrating our teachers' commitment."

Coming together for the frontline

While Fusion exists to create meaningful connections between healthcare travelers and facilities, its employees understand the paramount importance of educators in society. By sponsoring Alpaca’s Celebration Packs for teachers, the company is fulfilling its core purpose of improving the lives of everyone they touch by supporting the heroes in education.

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